Electrify Your Strings!

Supercharge Your Choir From Zero to Hero!

Adding a choir component to your orchestra and/or band program creates a truly inclusive experience for your school’s music department. 

Vocalist Laura Kaye will transform your choir into a powerhouse of high-energy, expressive singing performers! With her extensive background in the music industry, Laura will demonstrate methods she honed during her 17 years of work with the groundbreaking Electrify Your Choir program that will motivate and inspire your singers and help grow your program.

Laura helps students to create their own stage personas and characters, embrace their unique vocal styles and utilize tools they need to own the spotlight. This intensive workshop, rehearsal, and performance experience will teach your choir how to unleash skill sets needed to truly set them apart from the rest.

Movement is a crucial component of this process. Enabling singers to sing with their bodies as well as their voice requires many of them to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zone. This is an essential step in creating better and more confident performers – and people. Through movement, we enable young singers to cultivate a healthy body image, increase self-confidence and express themselves fully and openly. When your singers approach material with this strong and confident perspective, it won’t matter if they are in the front row or back row! Their performances will evolve naturally and soar!

Empowering students by allowing them the freedom to express themselves creatively at the highest level possible helps to provide many critical and essential skills they will use in every aspect of their daily lives.

The choir’s presence will elevate the excitement level of any concert event! Over the course of a typical 2-day visit, Laura transforms your vocalists into a high-energy rock and roll choir; complementing your existing curriculum by giving students an alternative approach to their traditional choir experience.  Selected soloists are featured during the concert to give as many students as possible a chance to experience what it’s like to command the stage.

Laura shares her expertise as a vocal coach by helping your students to:

  • create their own stage personas and characters.
  • discover and celebrate their unique vocal styles and creative energies.
  • own the spotlight.


  • Laura and Choreographer/Movement Coach Nathan Blake create a dynamic team that will have your students singing and moving with total commitment! (Note: Laura and Nathan are also available to work with your choir to prepare and coach them for your school’s concerts and musicals. Contact us for more info.)
  • You can add a choir component to any of our programs or you can bring Laura and/or Nathan in for more workshop-oriented visits devoted to performance techniques, songwriting exercises, improvisation, and more. 

Laura received her training from famed vocal coach Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger) and has worked with James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, Sean Lennon, and more during her lengthy career in the music industry. She has toured extensively with electric violinist Mark Wood and their groundbreaking Electrify Your Strings, Choir, and Band music education program for the past 17 years. 

Find out more about Laura and all of our Artist Mentors on the Our Team page. 

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