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EYS No Limits Tour posters
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EYS No Limits Tour logo
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EYS No Limits Tour tees
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Press Release: for your local media

EYS flyer for your

Teacher Prep Kit: We supply you with suggested timelines, sample forms, and other useful things 

Media Release form in case your school doesn’t have one on file for your students.

MWROC – an expanded
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BIOS AND PRESS PHOTOS:  For bios and hi-res photos you can include in your concert program, please visit our Tools for the Media section!


TOUR POSTERS:  Have you booked an EYS program for the current school year? Click on the corresponding links below to download a hi-res poster that you can use to advertise the event!!

NOTE: If you do not see a poster with the Artist Mentors who are working with you, please contact us and we’ll create one right away!

  • These are all hi-res files and are perfect for printing and copying! They are sized at 11×14 but can easily be scaled down to 8.5×11 (letter paper). Let us know if you need alternate sizes.
  • Add the name of your group (i.e, “The [name of school] Rock Orchestra”) and concert info to each poster. Simply import the poster into any graphic editing software program (such as Photoshop) to modify.
  • If your graphic artist would like access to the layered Photoshop file for ease of editing, just ask!

Click on any of the links below (option-click; or right-click, save target as) to download hi-res versions of our CURRENT TOUR POSTERS:

Click on link below for hi-res version:

Mark Wood

Mark Wood (without info at bottom)

Click on link below for hi-res version:

Mark Wood and Laura Kaye

Click on link below for hi-res version:

Electrify Your Strings and Choir with Mark Wood, Laura Kaye, and Nathan Blake

Click on link below for hi-res version:

Haydn Vitera


Click on link below for hi-res version:

Sarah Charness


Click on link below for hi-res version:

Electrify Your Symphony with Mark Wood, Javier Stuppard, and Laura Kaye


Click on link below for hi-res version:

Val Vigoda


Click on link below for hi-res version:

Electrify Your Strings and Band with Haydn Vitera and Javier Stuppard



Here’s our current tour logo – you can use this for your concert program, tickets, or to create your own poster. Please note: The logo is not for use on t-shirts unless ordered through EYS or licensed through us (see below).

Click on the image below to download a hi-res version, suitable for your concert program:

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Picture YOUR school on the back of our EYS Victory Tour tees!

Have your students wear this awesome limited-edition commemorative t-shirt exclusive to this year’s tour! The back of the t-shirt can be customized specifically for your program!

We can include the name(s) of the schools involved, the date of the program, your school’s logo, participants’ names, or any graphic of your own design.

Please contact our office and we will be happy to guide you through the ordering process!

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PRESS RELEASE FORM: Click here for a form you can fill out and submit to us so we can help to create a customized press release for your event that you can edit and distribute to local media. 

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EYS FLYER: Does your administration need some visual convincing? Here is a 2-page pdf file with the photo on the front and some great facts about EYS on the back. 


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PROGRAM GUIDE: Our Teacher Prep Kit (supplied to you when you book your program) is filled with great information to assist you in planning your EYS experience and making it as successful as you possibly can.  


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Most schools we work with have their own media release forms on file for their students. If yours doesn’t, please CLICK HERE to download our media release form.

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MWROC MUSIC FESTIVAL CAMP: The perfect way to reinforce everything your students learned during the time they spent in EYS.

Looking for a school trip that is more than just a performance and adjudication? Tired of riding the same theme park rides and want a more musically enlightening experience?

Organize a school orchestra trip to MWROC in 2017 and you’ll receive complimentary tuition for yourself and reduced tuition for chaperones. Further group discounts are available depending on the number of students attending.

“I wish all musicians, whether you’re a student or a teacher, could find the time and means to attend this camp. Music education is changing and needs to change. We need to put Beethoven and Beatles in the same class and not be afraid of it. We need to teach kids how to read the notes on the page as well as how to read charts for a rock song. If you’re a teacher reading this, you need to add this as an important part of your curriculum.” ~ Lucas Shogren, Orchestra Director, Robbinsdale Cooper High School (New Hope, MN)


  • Daily workshops and orchestra rehearsals that will stretch your students’ imagination and grow their spirit.
  • 6 hours a day of practicing!
  • Faculty concerts every night that will blow their minds from world-class musicians such as Billboard chart-topping artist Rachel Barton Pine, Dr. David Wallace (Juilliard), Tracy Silverman, and more.
  • Turns your school group into a family of friends
  • Director gets to be a camper and is duty free for the entire week!
  • MWROC faculty and trained counseling staff takes care of your students!
  • Teacher training workshops – bring Mark’s methods back to your school!
  • Fulfill your professional development hours – MWROC provides with a certificate documenting the classes you attend

Share the MWROC website – www.mwroc.com – with your students’ parents to show them all the great educational benefits of MWROC, including a sample schedule of what the week’s activities typically entail.

All-inclusive tuition for the entire week includes meals and lodging, plus a free MWROC t-shirt.

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