Electrify Your Strings!

Vocalist Laura Kaye is Vice President and co-founder of Electrify Your Strings, Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp, Wood Violins, and is the powerhouse lead singer in The Mark Wood Experience (Mark’s touring band). Laura and Mark have traveled the world with EYS for over 18 years and continue to expand the scope of their vision with regard to supporting America’s music programs. Over the course of a musical career that began when she was a teenager, Laura has worked with legendary musicians such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, Sean Lennon, and more; and is a successful singer/songwriter, recording artist and session vocalist. Laura adds the Electrify Your Choir component to EYS programs; and coaches choir students to perform in the most authentic and powerful way possible. Her work with the choir as a whole, as well as with selected soloists that are featured during the concert event, she empowers and embraces each students’ unique style; teaching performance techniques, stage presence, and improvisational tips and tricks. But above all, she helps students tap into their individual creative potential. Visit the Choir page for videos, pix, and more. 

Extended info and photos available for download here.
(top photo by Bob Gruen)

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