Electrify Your Strings!

Movement and Choreography

World-renowned choreographer Nathan Blake has become an incredible asset to our stellar team of Artist Mentors. In addition to being part of our faculty at MWROC Music Festival every July, Nathan possesses a true gift of coaching high energy performances from every young musician and singer he works with.

Nathan Blake (in red jacket) conducts 1,300 choir students during a massive EYS experience in Sioux Falls, SD


Here’s what a Laura Kaye/Nathan Blake team visit can do for YOUR music students:

CHOIR: Utilizing improv exercises, movement workshops, character creation and more, Nathan and vocalist Laura Kaye will coach your choir students to give their most high energy, expressive performances. Exploring and implementing choreography will strengthen vocal presentations, increase skill sets, and truly set your choir apart from all the rest.

ORCHESTRA/BAND: Utilizing movement techniques that will help your students think of their instruments as extensions of their bodies, and spatial awareness exercises that will help them interact better with each other onstage, performances will be more expressive, fluid, and natural.

Adding a movement component to your orchestra, choir, and/or band program helps your students:

  • cultivate a more healthy body image – both onstage and off
  • increase their self-confidence
  • express their unique creative energy fully and openly

Encouraging students to move while playing or singing is an essential step in creating better, more confident performers – and people!

In addition to coaching your students for their EYS concert event, Nathan is also available to help prepare your school’s choir for competitions and other performances.

Here’s just a sampling of the topics Nathan will cover in his movement workshops:

  • Character Creation: Helping students to create their own stage personas through the use of character development exercises.
  • Build Your Toolbox of Movement: identifying and embracing your own unique performance style
  • Sing With Your Body: become a more fluid “mover”
  • Spatial Awareness: exercises to help you interact effectively with others onstage

Find out more about Nathan Blake on our Our Team page.