Electrify Your Strings!

The Ultimate Performance

Presenting a special 3-day residency program called The Ultimate Performance.

Adding a third day allows us to supplement and enhance our existing enrichment aspect by providing a more in-depth educational experience for participating students and educators.

STEM turns into STEAM by adding the ARTS!

If you’re looking to integrate improvisation, American styles, and the latest technology, the EYS Velocity Tour will be incorporating many elements from Mark Wood’s new curriculum “Accelerated Learning Through Technology.” Mark is debuting his new curriculum at Ohio State University with Dr. Robert Gillespie this spring.

The new 3-day residency will include the following educational components:

Improvisation and American styles

Introducing improvisation to students at an early age is the key component to developing a successful, lifelong relationship with their instrument or voice. When young musicians experience the freedom associated with musical self-expression, it cultivates their ability for spontaneity and fosters creativity and personal leadership in all their endeavors.

Software and hardware

Utilizing compositional software (such as Garageband) and hardware (electric instruments, smartphones, tablets), we show students how to become the eyes and ears of their own educational experience by recording their performances, listening back, and developing their own self-critiquing skills to analyze, assess, and improve their playing or singing.

Exploring new practice techniques

We’ll show you and your orchestra students how to use rhythmic loops for strengthening bow arm technique, and electronic drones to sharpen students’ ears for better intonation. We’ll show your choir students more effective ways to incorporate movement into their warm up routine for more expressive performances. 


Memorization allows your students to experience moments away from their music stand and sheet music, freeing themselves from the constraints of interpreting music with just their eyes. This activates instinct, leadership, and self-awareness. When working with material we provide you for our concert extravaganza, encourage your students to memorize as much as they can.

Activate your school’s technology budget

These days, with so many music programs in jeopardy, we must incorporate modern methods to keep relevant. Use funds from your technology budget to purchase electric instruments (such as the Wood acoustic-electric series or our Stingray SV series, complete with special educator pricing), smart devices, effects pedals, and more. If your school already owns tablets or electrics, EYS is the perfect scenario to use them.

Recruitment and Retention – everyone’s favorite buzz words!

Without exception, every school we work with reports increased enrollment following our visits. When you embrace the concepts of encouraging individual creative expression and adding modern technology, students become engaged and excited.

Here is what a sample schedule could look like:

Day 1: Working with small groups, we introduce the concepts of improvisation through scales and rhythmic/chordal patterns; encouraging students to communicate the language of music in their own unique way. Mark’s curriculum embraces the use of technology and students will be shown how to use a smartphone or a tablet to record their performances, and develop their own self-critiquing skills to analyze, assess, and improve their playing or singing. If time permits, the workshop could include a songwriting element, where all students are involved in writing their own song that can be performed at the final concert. Student soloists will be identified and coached for the material being performed at the concert.

Day 2: We will combine the concepts introduced on Day 1 with our enlightening methods of teaching students to connect with their own unique creativity and self-expression, as we rehearse the material for Day 3’s concert event.

Day 3: 2-3 hour dress rehearsal, leaving time for a Q&A, followed by evening concert. Similar to the way an English class has a creative writing element which puts to test what students have learned with grammar, spelling, and sentence structure to express their personal and unique stories, we have always believed that it is critical for music programs to incorporate creative elements that inspire students to express themselves in their own unique way through their music.

Please contact us to find out more and to book your Ultimate Performance experience during our upcoming Velocity Tour!