Electrify Your Strings!

Who Should Visit?

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MARK WOOD: Mark brings his laptop, which has backing tracks and serves as his “cyber-band,” to accompany student musicians during the workshop/rehearsal portion and for the final concert. Our other Artist Mentors, SARAH CHARNESS, HAYDN VITERA, VAL VIGODA (orchestra), or JAVIER STUPPARD (band) are also available for the same type of experience. 

MARK WOOD with VOCALIST LAURA KAYE and DRUMMER ELIJAH WOOD:  This is our most popular program! Mark, Laura, and Elijah were featured on NBC-TV’s “The Today Show” working with a lucky school in Cincinnati, OH. By bringing in all 3, you can have the same experience they did! Adding the Electrify Your Choir component brings the level of excitement through the ROOF and there is nothing like having a live drummer to provide the “engine” and the backbone for your concert!  Elijah is a teenage drum prodigy, who is also Mark and Laura’s son.  When Mark, Laura, and Elijah perform together, they rock the house to even greater heights and add a real family feel to the show!

MARK WOOD and SARAH CHARNESS, HAYDN VITERA, or VAL VIGODA:  If you have a large program, this option gives you the ability to have each of them working with more concentrated groups of students for the entire workshop portion of the program.  For example, while Mark works with the high school students, another Artist Mentor can be engaged with the middle schoolers. Put it all together during your final concert, OR have two concerts (same day or separate days) featuring each group.  

GRRRL POWER with SARAH CHARNESS or VAL VIGODA, AND LAURA KAYE: Empower your musicians and singers with this fierce ‘girl power’ duo! Your students will be inspired and energized into giving ultra high-intensity rock star performances!

LAURA KAYE and NATHAN BLAKE: Vocalist Laura Kaye will coach your choir on vocal expression, performance techniques, and owning the spotlight, while Nathan Blake will help them to become better “movers” onstage utilizing his high-energy choreography. In addition to their work with orchestra and band programs that include choir components, you can book this duo to prepare your school’s choir for competitions and other performances.

THE MARK WOOD EXPERIENCE:  This is the EYS Experience at its BIGGEST and BEST and features Mark’s amazing touring band (vocalist Laura Kaye, drummer Elijah Wood, as well as their guitarist, bass player, and keyboard player).  You can add any or all of these incredible musicians to enhance your program! Invite students who play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards to participate in the concert, right alongside members of the band! Each member of the band will work with students to help them to develop skills such as how to “think” like a guitarist (or electric bass player), demonstrate the art of playing with a drummer, share tips for improving technique, and help them to increase their overall musical knowledge. Members of the MWE can even do Skype lessons prior to the visit! 




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