Electrify Your Strings!


The music education phenomenon that bridges 
imagination and intellect through the power of music.

BRAND-NEW for 2014-2015! The EYS Velocity Tour will feature a special 3-day residency program called The Ultimate Performance. Adding a third day allows us to supplement and enhance our existing enrichment aspect by providing a more in-depth educational experience for participating students and educators. STEM turns into STEAM when you add the ARTS!

Book a 2-day EYS program and D'Addario Bowed (a proud sponsor of EYS since 2011) will donate $1,000 worth of free strings and accessories to your school!

EYS on The Today Show
"The perfect blend of classical instruments and the flare
of rock and roll... it’s giving kids across the
country a whole new appreciation for music." 

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Join the EYS Dream Tour for the 2013-2014 School Year! MWV_Dream Tour_Viper Wings_Lrg