Electrify Your Strings!

The music education phenomenon that bridges 
imagination and intellect through musical self-expression

Empowering young people to think and act creatively in a world that consistently devalues the importance of music and arts in our schools.

“I’m a school superintendent dealing with testing opt outs. Musicians are tested every time they are on the stage. Watching the students rise to the high standards that Mark Wood sets for them and seeing the joy on their faces as they do it makes me realize the true power that music has to build self esteem and belief in a child’s ability to reach their potential. Way to go Mark! No one will ever opt out on your stage!”


EYS offers music education programs for your orchestra, string ensembles, band, and choral groups that focus on alternative styles, improvisation, and self-expression through contemporary music; providing students with unparalleled, transformative learning opportunities. Visit the Orchestra, Band, and Choir options on our Programs page for more info.

Check out our special 3-day residency program called The Ultimate Performance. Adding a third day allows us to supplement and enhance our existing enrichment aspect by providing a more in-depth educational experience for participating students and educators. STEM turns into STEAM when you add the ARTS!

Book a 2-day EYS program and D’Addario Bowed (a proud sponsor of EYS since 2011) will donate $1,000 worth of free strings and accessories to your school!

Watch Mark’s TED Talk.

EYS on The Today Show
“The perfect blend of classical instruments and
the flare of rock and roll… it’s giving kids across
country a whole new appreciation for music.” 

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